NOAH Experts

Luvuyo Booi


Metals and Mining Equity Research

Luvuyo is a CA(SA).

He is a NOAH staff member specializing in Metals and Mining research

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Metals, Mining Equity and Commodity Research

Highly experienced, top ranked analyst Rene Hochreiter

Covering metals and mining companies in South Africa inclplatinum’, gold, iron ore and ferrous metals

Commodity research, analysis and forecasts.

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Platinum Group Metals, Gold, Uranium, Vanadium & Sugar

Commodities Research, Consulting and Commodities Management firm.
Provides independent research, analysis and advisory services related to commodities markets.

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South African Political Analysis

Centre for the Study of Democracy at the University of Johannesburg and Rhodes University.
Visiting Professor of Politics and International Relations at Rhodes University.
Journalistic career of 35 years, Financial Mail, Financial Times, New York Times and Mail & Guardian amongst others

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Strategic Financial Market Analysis

In-depth Analysis on International and Local Economies

•Decision Support, disseminating analysis of economic information of immediate interest.

•Weekly Financial Market Report, a forward-looking analytical document identifying the latest and most important themes driving currency and capital markets.

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Tobacco Industry

Top Rated Tobacco Analyst.

15 Years with Rothmans International Group, International Strategic Planning and Analysis, Business Development and Project Management.

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CSA Execution Partners


Political Analysis

Melanie married into the infamous Verwoerd family before becoming an outcast when she joined the ANC and served as a member of parliament under Nelson Mandela.

She served as South African ambassador to Ireland and is now an independent political commentator and analyst.

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Large Cap Developed Market Research

Redburn is the leading independent broker in the UK and Europe, specializing in the best research on large cap equities.
Over 70 analysts and 30 sales people.

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Oil & Gas

Gerhard Engelbrecht, number 1 rated in Sasol for 19 straight years.

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On Demand Research


Global Paper Markets , Global Paper Packaging Markets

Global forest products industry, pulp and paper, wood products, timber, tissue and nonwovens industries. Founded in 1985.

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Industrial Metals, Steel, Steelmaking & Raw Materials

Founded in 1967.
Market analysis on mining, metals and fertilizers.
Based in London with Regional Offices in Beijing, Santiago, Mumbai and Pittsburgh.

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Investment recommendations and analysis of the Forest Products Sector

Proprietary models, data sources and extensive industry network allow its team of analysts to identify turning points in commodity price cycles.

ERA combines these factors with fundamental analysis and on-site company visits to determine corporate valuations and to make actionable investment recommendations.

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Responsible Investment (“RI”) research solutions.

Provides access to a wide range of expertise in ESG integration and RI policy development and implementation

Give support in understanding how ESG factors may affect company performance.

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